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 Share your Market Analysis with the community but try to avoid just simply posting a Chart, link or video and saying this is great. Explain what makes it great or how this was useful. Sometimes the Market Analysis is crystal clear to experienced traders but they will remain a mystery to anyone not seeing what you know. So say what you enjoyed about it or describe why you made that Trade, came to that Market Analysis or set of results. 

Daniel Stasziek

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#audchf !! Bless You

lol sorry giddy again (get it like a sneeze? oh well cant all be winners)

hey boutros has a good fork presentation this pair although i am locked in after the bounce at 7300 given recent events would really love a deep pull back suggested by Michael, 100% retrace on my rangebar chart, and then the runup as foretold by the Kraken this pair has grown handsomely after that post and a good throatclearing retracement would be good for the trade and clear the way for further climb in the days ahead

check the boutros vid link on my comment page and find the Kraken here

Nothing is certain but these things worth EYES on,... thought I would share, yea its what we do here in the sphere...…

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