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Daniel Stasziek

Is Trading Written in the ForeXmos S.T.A.R.'s ?

Originally Posted 5th March 2013 at 1130 Hrs and one of many Forexmospherian posts banned by our old friends back in the day.

As requested, this Foreign Exchange post has been brought back to the Blogsmosphere and is now dedicated once again to all dear friends and fellow Traders and Forexmospherians who came with us from Forexstreet and for others who have joined in from other Forums. Hopefully the Forex charts and descriptions help everyones' journeys.

Some further archived charts may be uploaded and worth considering and studying Dow Theory at the very least.

Hope you enjoy the blog and technical analysis too as it seems to strike the right chords and resonated with many forex traders at the time when originally posted at FXStreet. Forex Traders here value those who work hard and are dedicated to helping others, so onwards Traders looking forwards again to the new adventures in life. All decent folk are welcome to join us at

What is actually Hidden and written in ForeXmos S.T.A.R.'s ?

S = Situation

T = Task

A = Action

R = Result

Situation :

Perhaps, a  Forex trader must first observe Price Action relative to the time frame they want to Trade and make an informed decision whether to enter long, enter short or wait. Question: Has the market hit Support or Resistance and is Price Action ranging or decide whether the PA has already peaked and is making a break out trade.

Task : 

Examine 3 TF's and wait for all to correlate. 

Mid TF is your Oracle.

Smallest is your entry to the Trade.

Examine the smaller TF to identify or wait for the set up to appear. Now return to the TF you intend on trading. You should now be perfectly synchronized and ready to trade. Make sure the largest TF has S/R identified.

Action :

Be patient and ready to enter the trade from the smaller TF. Be sure to double check the above TF is primed which in turn correlates to the one immediately above.

Introduce Risk Assessment for the Method Statement has already been written above. Set ISL to ISSL to Oracle TF. Trail as required or ISSL. Set Targets to normal settings.

Result :

Review observations, notes, calculations, entry exits P/L. Write the report and polish technique if required.

Executive summary should include any amendments and recommendations with High, Medium and Low Risk duly noted.

Hope as above so below helps.

Best Regards,

Sir Gissa


Below some of the Basic Patterns identified and data translated:

Red Triangle S/R = Wedge = Broke Long

Green S/R = Channel = Broke Long

Thick Red Line = Head and Shoulders = Bears Shorted = Identified Bear stops = Line Resistance found.

S/R = Support and Resistance

Pole to Pole = Opposites

Price goes up, Price goes down all you need do is pick a business, TF and style to trade.





UCHF Lex Data




AU S.T.A.R.'s

Sir Gissa ........ Out  !!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Incoming.......EU S.T.A.R.'s and Live Tick Data Translation ...... EU Gone in 60 seconds........Sir Gissa ........... Out   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tick Data EPR H/S = Bears Identified

     Tick Data H/S and Minor Continue Bears identified and support attacked

    Tick Data Identified Support Attacked and then breached.

    60 Second EPR = Bear Flag


    Support Breached

    30 second EPR = Bear Flag breached

    5 min EPR = Bear Flag

    EU 5min EPR

  • AU Star's

  • UChf  S.T.A.R.'s

    Identified Bull Break channel versus minor Desc tri Bear Entry.

    Best Regards,

    Sir Gissa

  • Hi Sir Gissachance,

    Outstanding post and well traded throughout. Can you post an update for your massive GY trade. Joe you better bring back more than one beer for this!


  • Thanks Holmes.

    Current USDCHF status attached.

  • Incoming Uchf.

  • AU S.T.A.R.'s

  • UY S.T.A.R.'s

    30 sec Data data data

    30 min Desc Tri Bull Trap Reversed vs Ascen Tri Bull break and into a minor. 

    Minor EPR H/S, Waited confirmation.

    Go to 30 second.

    5 Sec Data data data

    60 sec Data translation = Bull

    EPR 5 min = Desc Tri

  • UCAD S.T.A.R.'s

    Basic EPR = Bears Sighted at the mark

    Entry = IS

    Trail = ISSL

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