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  • Posted for network members only, not to disturb public imagination... TTFN.

  • nice, did you see that AUD

    • Crazy Horses... Grin.gif

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    • Looking at fiber we can see that many players want to see it higher, but the background behind the scene do not give a chance to make a rally. From my point of view arrange of this attempts (to go higher) always a bit earlier than it shud be, that is why it is always out of steam very fast and we see fail of many upside tech structures.

      Resistance mainly at supply cluster 1.1524/41... need to digest it first to talk about any significant upside story.

      Support 1.1267 as key for bulls with feeling of a lot of stops behind (cud lead instantly till 1.1213).

      Imho only 1.1160 is the first interesting MT buy lvl... TTFN. 

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  • BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Euro zone finance ministers, the Eurogroup, will choose the successor to European Central Bank chief economist Peter Praet at their meeting on Feb. 11, the spokesman for the Eurogroup President said on Friday.

    What is interesting that Peter was behind that QE ending. Good Bye Peter, Hello new EU QE?

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    • slightly bullish but imho need to be very cautious about this usd weakness theme as everybody very keen on it.

  • Hi Pixta,

    Yes minor frames for EURUSD are bull atm 1.1450 offering resistance. Worth noting M1 FPA is printing Negative but NTZ though

    Sir Gissa .......... Out !!!!!!!!!


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