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  • maybe something like this



    • mbmb, but monthly trendline at 1.0870-40. This is buy zone still untill we will not see a break lower. Big move are coming and only S.G. mb know where it will goes for sure ... :)))

      I guess we will see 13-20 percent this year from today till the end of year either usd rise or fall. And I'm not sure where still, but think it is imminent... big one way ticket. Cheers!

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  • Hi Pixta,

    You guys are leading the way with Technical Analysis. I would highly recommend anyone new or experienced at trading should definately follow your posts.

    Thanks for the mention earlier too and just to put my two penneth on the table from a holistic point of view using technical Analysis:

    The Daily is Bear, the weekly is bear, the monthly is bear, the yearly is bear. Needless to say, within the smaller timeframes the market whipsaws bothways and under normal trading conditions would give the chance for scalping opportunies in both direction but as we know, as from 10th April 2020 the Forexmospherian Currency Kraken printed negative, negative, negative and nothing has changed from that date.

    Furthermore, to put a fine point on EURUSD Chart, 10th March 2020 gave that pair the completion of a head and shoulders as the bears not only put in resistance to stop the pair going higher = Head @1.1460, the Bears followed through with backing the short at breach of the neckline = 1.1381

    Best Regards,

    Sir Gissachance

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