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Daniel Stasziek


Technical Analysis EURUSD GBPUSD AUDUSD | Now we are Free (but we always have been)

5 time frames are analysed for each pair and the bias is then posted. If the market bias is still being upheld despite a move against the bias, then it will still be regarded as bull or bear respectively. This is because Price action rises and falls in any given time frame and market. When price action reaches a state of neutral in the original bias it is possible that the bias can be regained or broken entirely. It will be known as a "Non Trading Zone" (NTZ) for the bull or bear market concerned. A neutral bias can therefore form in consolidation periods as well as before market reversals opposing the original direction.

CB or CBA is a calculation which can be greater than or equal to one Weeks notice that a Major Market move is pending, early notification, well before most Traders realize what is happening and that is what makes the Forexmospherian analysis so important.

SMA used as an example here as they are the 3 most popular sizes i.e 200, 50, 20

Forexmospherian Currency Kraken including CBA for the following pairs:

EURUSD - Currently holding short some 470 pips

Daily 123 Top = Rev plus Symmetrical Triangle Breakout to continue short


Daily = Bull NTZ

H1 = Bear

M15 = Bear

M5 = Bear

M1 = Bull

GBPUSD - Currently holding short some 1500 pips

Daily 123 Top = Rev plus Desc Channel breakout plus over all rising channel breakout for short to continue.


Daily = Bull NTZ

H1 = Bear

M15 = Bear

M5 = Bear

M1 = Bull

AUDUSD - Currently holding short some 190 pips

Daily 123 Top = Rev plus Rising Channel breakout plus Bear Flag plus Symmetrical Triangle to continue the short.



Daily = Bear

H1 = Bear

M15 = Bear

M5 = Bear

M1 = Bull

Sir Gissachance (PPND)
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  • fantastic trading as always Sir G

  • Awesome forex trading and not surprising in light of the alerts you have been publishing which have banked me some more megapips, thanks. 6.gif

  • Yeah awesome trading Sir Gissa and got my share of the pips too, cheers man

  • Hi traders,

    I have been laying low from posting in the blogmosphere for awhile but if anyone wants a reading on any pair then ring the bell and I will send it. 

    Anyhow, still holding GBPUSD short. In and out in scalping short and swing shorts only but hope the alert arrived in good time.

    Sir Gissa ...... Out !!!!!!!!!



  • Outstanding Sir Gissachance, I wonder if 4 months advanced notice the market will tank for GBP, EUR and Aussie Dollar and posting your trades time stamp was enough warning for the losers at Trade2win, or will they continue to spit their dummies again and cry they needed more notice! - Holmes

  • Awesome post again Sir Gissachance, and thanks again funny guy Holmes speaking your mind, Trade2win hahahaha

    Forex Trader Sir Gissachance has the Power (Thats it)
    I read a Forex post comment the other day written by Daniel Stasziek on a Sir Gissachance trading alert, the alert was bang on the money but Daniel's…
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