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Daniel Stasziek

EURPLN || trading in November 2017

Few charts for this pair which deserves an attention. Also combined with Kraken and other oracles, could bring some pips. ^.^

Firstly the fork pointing down.

Then 1D breaking lower and lower.

Same elsewhere.

And then, hard to say at this moment whether it is an accumulation zone under contruction.

And then some PA on the same chart. Whispering lower after breaking the tri.

At this point it is clear for me. The harder thing is how will I trade this =))



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  • on weekly it is in upward moving channel, lower TF 1H, 30 min would suggest sideways movement, it only looks good on 4 H but there is also a bit of sideways action

  • something like this? bear flag?


    • exactly, this could very nice =) So still lots of time before going short. And for now on lower TFs too.

      On your weekly definitely broken out of the up moving channel. So it supports the shorts.

  • higher TF for EURPLN


    just the way I see it

  • Really good analysis Daniel Stasziek and Viktor. M5 worth looking at for an entry short in correlation to a mid frame like the dynamic support offered by 1Hr. A great entry would be on the break. 

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