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Daniel Stasziek

Current Market and the key Forex word is Patience


Like everything in life, patience delivers some of the most important things and in the trading world it really helps with timing. Timing makes the greatest difference for entry and exit points, even if you know the right direction of the market, when you enter too early, waiting for right direction and growing a negative trade, the equity can influence your mind and force you to exit just before market turns in your favor.

Anyway, my market analysis is the current EURUSD direction for the time being is UP but we are now in correction phase and EURSD should go lower before it continues Long.

Its too early to tell where the bottom of correction will be, but a reasonable assumption is that it should reach 1.1050-1.1060, after the market turns it should reach at least 1.1220-1.1240

However, the price going below 1.0930 would negate the above.

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  • USDJPY longs, still has room to upside

  • though many predict GOLD to fall further to 1440-1400, to me it looks still perfectly inside channel, it stoped right on support line, so next week we will see if this support holds, but longs as far from off the table


    EURUSD doesn't look convincing in its fall down, this still aligns perfectly on inverse head and shoulders pattern, only thing low of 1.1020 needs to hold, if it crosses 1.1070 it becomes once more bullish


    stopped at cruicial level



  • Getting break on up trendline of GOLD we would have probable target around 1416 so be on lookout which way it will go



  • DXY continues to push higher, resistance didn't produce bounce, GOLD still has down pressure, so EUR should continue lower, USDCAD higher for reminder of this week

    • eyes on Powell today, can he turn everything around!?

  • Finally it looks like we have perfect CAD entry, USDCAD double top, DXY rejected and also formed double top, if this holds it could provide very long path do downside

    MACD and stochs in perfect positon for short on 4 hour time frame, good luck to all


  • Great charts Viktor. 

  • Hey guys, long time no see and anyone else holding short GU - Joe

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