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Daniel Stasziek

Current Market and the key Forex word is Patience


Like everything in life, patience delivers some of the most important things and in the trading world it really helps with timing. Timing makes the greatest difference for entry and exit points, even if you know the right direction of the market, when you enter too early, waiting for right direction and growing a negative trade, the equity can influence your mind and force you to exit just before market turns in your favor.

Anyway, my market analysis is the current EURUSD direction for the time being is UP but we are now in correction phase and EURSD should go lower before it continues Long.

Its too early to tell where the bottom of correction will be, but a reasonable assumption is that it should reach 1.1050-1.1060, after the market turns it should reach at least 1.1220-1.1240

However, the price going below 1.0930 would negate the above.

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  • GOLD is bound to what looks like Bull Flag and should be traded according to that, waiting price around 1440 for buy or breaking of above trend line for buy


    • Gold breaking upper trendline which is a good sign for longs, but until FED meeting next week we could get some more consolidation and sideways movement so one should be careful here

  • Hey Viktor,

    Nice blog and forex market analysis for EURUSD and yes timing is everything if we dont want our chosen currency pair to be stopped out too early. Nice run on EURUSD long and collected a few pips on this bull market myself. H4 being one of the more reliable timeframes for indicators and analysis.



    • thank you, glad you made some pips, there are more to be taken :)

  • USDJPY daily chart, expecting it go higher only to drop further down, it could go as far as blue line trend, but probably won't get there and turn earlier, but don't expect much of before upcoming FED meeting (next week)


    • Awesome charts Viktor and I will be looking at longs here on USDJPY, well unless this pair turns tail and tanks. I'm getting in on more longs in EURUSD as long as we stay above 1.1100

      • USDJPY very relunctant to go long, I would like to see it go up for one more pop to trendline, but my prefered direction is down

  • This one is with some great weekly opportunity, we have great down facing channel potential great bull flag in USDCAD, preffered way to trade down for now. I would like to see some retracement on 4 hour time frame, but USDCAD showing a lot of strength and retracement may never come. Anyway a lot of room to downside, be careful and may pips come to you :)



  • Great Forex chart and blog Viktor with super real time technical analysis. I am still in my USDCAD short trade with 75 pips on the table and following M30 and H1 for direction. A bit too much whipsaw for me on the M5 and smaller unless you are looking to enter. Which should be correlated to a much larger timeframe. - Holmes

    • thank you, I think we are trading in right direction :) and that is short USDCAD

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