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Daniel Stasziek

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  • Thanks for sharing Pixta=))) I made some profit with your insights=))


  • Interesting that cbl can be a grow leader now. Fiber will follow only? Tgt higher on the cards? 

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  • I know that people looking for a h&s pattern here... but imho we are still in ww6. Anyway, for sure  and soon time will tell us what was the proper view ... :))) Enjoy your summer trading, apply your own profit strategy and do not listen to anyone. 

    • not even you????

      • Yes sure... :))) 

  • Great Forex post Pixta and thanks for sharing the technicals in your charts. Super 113.gif

    • Thks SG :)))

  • So, summer trading in its usual mode and we can try to indentify new formation called yellow rabbit chasing by the fox.

    It will play out if we break above 1.1790... 


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