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Daniel Stasziek

All Night Long-the heretical dreams of a madman

gbpnzd gbpaud eurnzd euraud

aud headline risk talking heads notwithstanding

pardon the large post and order of the charts after all I am a madman

charts posted continuation from the following

Timely gbpusd call from Sir Gissachance

Be well



Jim M
Forex Trader
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Technical Market Analysis
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  • #gbpusd   feels bouncy took all mine gbpjpy as well

    thanks for playing  hope you got some

  • yep speed dating at its finest

    love a pullback to same lvls after data and go again but hey cant have everything

  • #gbpnzd #gbpaud #eurnzd #euraud 

    Dreams do come true

    #forextrading #forex analysis #forex technical analysis

  • #gbpnzd #gbpaud #eurnzd #euraud #gbpusd #gbpjpy #audusd

    went again

    Feels like bases loaded but running out of time

    turn that audusd chart upside down what do you see.

    Either way going to either tp or take some leave some b4 hour change 

    got to sleep

    I hope you are well

    #forextrading #forex analysis #forex technical analysis

  • #gbpnzd #gbpaud #eurnzd #euraud #gbpusd #gbpjpy #audusd

    It is the little things that get the extra bases

    audusd charts price only

    yea little things like how price likes to roll back and retest the neckline of a h and s pattern

    or ask a fork guy what happens when price does not make it back to the median line (50%) of previous swing

    or when it does and rejects

    frequency and octaves little things

    sweeter than wine

    gone flat for abit as the market jumps around just going to dip my cup here n there until boj

    plenty of river coming no need to risk many open trades we have the rest of the summer for that

    It has been a great week

    I hope you are well



    #forextrading #forex analysis #forex technical analysis

  • Site been messing up for me so waiting for that to clear

    trading has been good

    I have been everything but lost

    heading well past original entries for golden arrow trades gbpnzd 4 hour  gbpusd 8 min as previously posted in this thread

    major break euraud 4 hr

    chess not checkers

    working down to a long term buy 

    maybe when fed fails to raise rates IDK what the catalyst will be earning on the sells

    when the time is right all the ships will be sailing in the right direction (s)

    my view down for at least to red all 4 this thread pairs

    I hope you are well



  • #gbpnzd #eurnzd #nzdusd

    talking head on the wires now (aud) after dust settles PLAY BALL

    not much data overnight in mumbai get JPY cpi ppi type data then nothing really til London Open

    more of the same 

    8 rangebar charts and 8 min charts (with colored vertical) 

    the nzdusd charts you have seen that daily before many times in this thread same markings

    I hope you are well

  • #gbpnzd #gbpaud #euraud #eurnzd

    Hundreds of pips in profit hope you were able to get some and saw my posts in time

    pullback into red but then mad strong beat for nzd data retail sales

    Japan back from holiday today

    and cny data coming up  lol  perfect storm

    I really hope you guys are well

    I will not be posting  

    Best regards


  • #gbpnzd #gbpaud et al one more b4 i go mobile

    TURN POTENTIAL OPPORTUNITY.... thats either direction however my view is lower

    Expect a lil pullback NOW (possibly into the open would be great for retest of 6900 dont think that far)

    similar ga if you need a few pips for the end of the week

    Not trying to tell you your business but

    maybe take a look

    note spike low gn is 200 pip away

    do not have to get exact top easily wait for confirm as this at least an infield double

    Have a great weekend and be well

  • Heretical dreams #gbpaud #gbpnzd #euraud #eurnzd 

    Honestly was dreaming of a little bigger pullback before much larger dreams lower.

    However I will go with the river,

    older dreams(fibs, eur pairs) on right new dreams inside left.

    I Hope you are well
    Regards Jim

This reply was deleted.

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