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  • Wonderful charts Jim and will be posting incoming later. Great work on this post, with a fantastic display of Trend, Swing, Intraday, scalping with a fully comprehensive mix of Time Frames and entries ranging from 1 Hour Analysis to the advanced 1/20th of a second, or famously known as Blink Charts when we traded at Fxstreet some other place.

  • AUDUSD M30 3b plus Bull Flag plus MC plus DC plus DC= Bull in that frame

    1 Hr Bulls Still have control. M30 Chart attached along with the Data Translation and hold


  • chfjpy eurjpy gbpjpy gbpusd purple light kisses

    Kuroda speaks in 90 minutes (jpy) he jawbones pretty good lasts about 60 min after he finishes speaking so just scalpy till after 

    Stay nimble









  • tp my jpy crosses though not at best levels but decent will scalp these if usdjpy breaks below or see an opportunity but just in and outs until BOJ meeting has passed  

    expectation is verbal intervention to keep usdjpy building if not at least sideways good for au nu 

    there may come opportunity next few hours and after dust settles big us news and boj meeting 

    trade plans intact volatility intraday

    IF? nothing changes nothing changes  case in point chfjpy would have to go well over 105 with momo to change my view and I would love absolutely love another chance to sell 104 50ish or so that would really get me excited as if you eye my batshit crazy daily chart lol a better entry would allow for weathering the storms that will blow the next 6 days

    be well 

    stay nimble

    chess not checkers







  • as noted previously the last few days JPY  jawboned  increased jawboned, talked about talking about it, met talked about it, and just to get a little more effect talked about talking about it  then pre announced last night 11 TRILLION stimulus then notified will be doing  gave date on when he will act!/abe-confirms-he-has-instructed-govt-to-compile-economic-stimulus-package-20160711

  • so how much breathing room does 30 billion buy you depends where it is allocated, right now its still nebulous and jawbone activity do they announce today or tomorrow. today already the 12th by announce I mean give full details, specifics. They are getting a lot of relief out of the jawboning on the crosses but not so much usdjpy.  I would love me a plain ole 50% pullback after green doubt they allow that  . These crosses soaring has effects elsewhere uad nzd et al so going to be a river flowing week. I would love to get a sell at 11750 but easily see that 50% is not that far and the are two nearby historic support resistance levels there  on the daily. I do believe this lasts a bit but then the clock starts ticking once details are revealed and specifics are known 

    understanding that nothing changes until maintains above 50 on greater range there are opportunities here longer term

    chess not checkers 

    so going with the river on these until that happens. The up to green been decent

    I hope you are well

    stay nimble






  • Please NOTE JPY PRESSER at the half hour

    Abe bernanke met last hour of course they did not speak of jpy monetary policy Bernanke flew thousands of miles just to tell Abe to keep up the good work  lol

    they signaled all of this

    how long will it last as the details emerge?

    stay nimble







  • OF note 

    after initial reports of no discussion between bernanke and abe suga states there was

    jawboning hard from several sources prior to this presser

    Kubuki at its best

    now Reuters stating steps to be compiled or "stimulus package to be drawn up end of the month" 

    seems the specifics are being slowly rolled the value is much more in the jawboning than the details it seems

    wheres the beef roll stops  jawboning at its finest

    • presser lacking in details even amounts

      Abe stating needs to discuss with ministers

      head fake  playing this one too tight me thinks

      • set up for a squeeze at the plate, Bernanke slides into home knocks the ball loose at the plate carries this drama into tomorrow as almost end of business in Tokyo !/yen-pairs-driving-core-pairs-higher-again-20160712

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