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 Share your Market Analysis with the community but try to avoid just simply posting a Chart, link or video and saying this is great. Explain what makes it great or how this was useful. Sometimes the Market Analysis is crystal clear to experienced traders but they will remain a mystery to anyone not seeing what you know. So say what you enjoyed about it or describe why you made that Trade, came to that Market Analysis or set of results. 

Daniel Stasziek

2015 (79)

EURUSD - Forex Journey through SpaceTime

Food for thought in this video and in mapping the Foreign Exchange markets and just maybe puts Forex Trading into perspective.

Read the EURUSD Weekly, Daily and 30 Minute FX Charts along with some Early Pattern Recognition highlighted to help any Forex Trader regardless of level and…

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Ok Been a great week.

I wonder If I am remembering this right?

Not only did we have some pretty decent moves, that were revealed even before the week started All Hail The Kraken

But are we now getting another bite at the same pippage apple?

on EURJPY AUDUSD  EURAUD I mean 150 pip retrace lol 

Hey I am a heretic so…

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USDJPY Technical Analysis - 165 pip Long

USDJPY Early Long Entry Trade taken on Wednesday did not really amount to much until today and we managed to hit 165 pip profit by C.O.P.

Technical Overview: 3Hr = DB plus Sym Tri and Break

JBCB as foretold and we did get 2 Days notification after a long break from posting the ForeXmospherian Kraken.…

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GBPUSD 5min Analysis - 390 Pip Short

Currently Shorting GBPUSD 115 Pips and mapping PA and Trend. Hoping to see more downside and a continuation of the current set up and took another recent short with tight trail.

Remember though, Trading is about you and nobody else and so strict MM and RR procedures should be implemented as well as your own time, style, study and analysis.

Hope as Above…

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