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Daniel Stasziek

1000 pips while I slept!

I have been out of the loop for a spell. Picked at the data for gold (that seems to be my kryptonite and yet still worth playing) today I am up 1k pips just because I decided to jump in both feet first.

Trust the data and your gut.

I'm also 160 pips ish up on gbp/usd just because I think trump is going to take his currency into the toilet with him. 

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  • Sweet sweet sweeeeet! Its good sometimes takin a break from tradin, then when a trader returns you can reload with positive energy and collect on some awesome trade decisions, so good on you. Your technical analysis and data must have been good to hit it for 1k, great job!

    Lovin the idea Trump is takin USD to the John and these are the fundies behind GU long! 24.gif Awesome techs behind your decision I would say. 3.gif 

  • Hi Phedre, that's great to hear, 1k pips, wow gj. =))

    It's good to bear in mind that US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin want to see weak dollar as he believes it is good for trade, which complies with Trump's America First program =))

    Dollar tanks the most in 10 months after Treasury secretary says a weak dollar is good for trade
    The dollar fell the most in 10 months, after the Treasury secretary signaled the U.S. may like a weak currency.
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