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Daniel Stasziek


Bitcoin has been a great trade and they are getting ready to start looking at regulation,i believe its here to stay and early positioning on the fullest pull back is what im looking for.

If you look at the wkly i like the 3 hills its forming which could yield a nice retracement  and a good time to renter,

a friend of mine has been riding it since 1680 so needless to say he is smiling,

even though i dont trade bitcoin im reconsidering.

Hello to all my friends, 


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  • There are a lot of crypto currencies emerging unregulated,

    BEWARE, but the right pick can put you on the board.

  • Nice charts Genxtrader and we may have to start posting Forexmospherian Kraken alerts for Bitcoin along with other instruments too.113.gif

  • Good to see you about Genxtrader!

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