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Click the Image to view the Video. Due to the amount of Forex websites playing Forexmospherian Videos and then going on to sell products without the permission of the Forexmospherians, then its only fair we display the videos here on site. The Forexmospherians will be uploading trading strategy details which were used in the videos and maybe posting suggestions for further educational material. Therefore, if you see these videos anywhere else with promotions and products alongside them, they will not have been endorsed by any Forexmospherians nor video owners.

These Forex Trading videos show entry, exits, scalp, swing and position hold trades along with various techniques and strategies. The Charts are gathered from multiple timeframe and for multiple currency pairs. Some trading examples are cryptic because we will not be sharing everything to non members and those piggy backing our entries, other trades will be highlighted, clearly showing trigger point entry with exit. To accompany these Trading Videos are related blog posts and charts found on this site along with the Forexmospherian currency Kraken: The Multiple Currency Pair alerts send regarding the Trading bias for the timeframe concerned. Key points and further trading information can be found throughout this site as well in the private members Forums. In time, further information specific to each video will be added to the corresponding video and page. Also, recommendations and endorsements for educational study for further Trading information will be posted here.

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