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Forex Trading Event | 7th November 2016

Hi Guys,

It is my pleasure to announce we will hold this trading event on 7th November here in FXmosphere as we have agreed on in the chat :] I hope most of you will arrive and trade with all of us through London and New York session. It's a day before US election so I hope the markerts won't be totally dead and awaiting 8th November.

Best Regards,


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Daniel Stasziek - trading since 2009. If you want to start trading, I suggest you follow the general advice: "run very quickly, the other way."


  • Morning Daniel,

    That's a good attempt. Bad for me, I will miss it due to holidays. But wishing you guys all the best. Hope US election will bring fortune for traders...:)


  • Would be there, but can't connect to chat while on job, so good luck to all

  • Morning SFX and Viktor,

    @SFX Thank you for the wishes and no worry I hope we will repeat it again in the next few weeks ;)

    @Viktor Great to hear that, looking forward to you man.


  • :)) maybe I said it in a wrong way, but I can't participate, while I am on work my browser doesn't support chat they (IT) have disabled it (security s...ty measures)
    I will try to use mobile phone though, but good luck to others
    • no no it is just my english which got it wrong :) Never mind, never mind we can catch anytime.

  • 1st trade today, was dreaming about more pips :o)


This reply was deleted.

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