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Forexmosphere Welcome Forexstreet Site Members

Forexmosphere Welcome Forexstreet Site Members.

Important Notification and update to Forexmospherian site members.

FXstreet also known as have decided to shut down and close their Forex Forum site doors 31st May 2015.

This is an important Forex Traders announcement because there are some 70 plus ex Forexstreet site members and Forex Traders who left FXstreet site several years ago, through various reasons and circumstances, going on to either start or continue their Forex Trading journeys right here.

While at FXstreet, many traders enjoyed the Forexmospherian beginnings as ForeXmosgate was opened, our own private Forex Market Analysis group away from the main site Politics and dis-harmony while we built stronger friendships, better Trading Currency Pair Techniques and shared Market alerts in a fun, peaceful, relaxed environment. Forexmospherians are still happy to welcome all those who stayed behind or joined this Forex site under aliases for political reasons. offer full support to their old colleagues and companions. The Olive branch of friendship is extended to every FXstreet site member, Administrators, Educators, Expert, Advertisers, CEO and anyone else associated with the old FXstreet site, so please feel free to join and set up Forex home right here at Forexmosphere powered by

FXmosphere - Site Admin

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Intraday Forex Trader, Scalp, Swing, Trend.
Senior Technical and Fundamental Analyst.
Previous contributor: Secret Forex Society, Forex Street, Forexmosgate,
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  • huh ?

    Francesc  decided to quit ??

  • Thanks for the update FX, very PC and diplomatically put, well done. Hi rforexdad as a ForeXmospherian and ex Forexstreet site member like you, I can see and understand Francesc Riverola's decision to end it, just a shame that behavior was so supported from the top down for many years. No surprise seeing no change at Forexstreet after dismissing regular traders again after all these years of support from them. Awesome.

  • Thanks so much for posting this. I would like to add a all genial folk are welcome. 

    Regards Jim

  • Thank you for the post and agree with Forexmospherian and Jim.

    Best Regards,
    Sir Gissa

  • Just as well we all left when we did then and never a fan of fascism. One day someone might really figure the reasons and say out loud why Forex Street allowed the hate and bullying towards Forexmospherians was continually allowed and by some of its fully paid up educators and followers. Going on to make the Forexmospherians set up their pages somewhere else in peace. Funny how a Forex site can then ban senior traders after they left and set up elsewhere. Go figure where the respect in any of that is.

  • Well the truth is always covered, but when you have one and a half user it is not interesting for such resource as fxstreet. When 11 000 accounts are fake it is hard even for owner. R.I.P.

  • "Where are the Horses" that's a blast from the past :)

  • This one is for all of the regular forex trading goods guys and Forexmospherians out there.

    Peace and Blessings, all are welcome to join us at Forexmosphere.

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