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Hey Guys,

No one minds a bit of self promotion or advertising which is useful but lets try to keep it in one place, namely in the following blog pages/group.

Therefore I have lifted a few recent blogs from our regular Forex category posts and placed them in a new location.

Site feedback is always welcome, so let me know whether this is helpful and if there is anything else we can do around the site to help our members.

Promotion/Advertisers Corner

Thanks for your understanding and support.


Site Admin

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Ning Support Services - Photo Uploads

Monday 23rd May Ning continue to have issues regarding servers. IP addresses for many Ning site members have now been unblocked but photos being uploaded to any post are not available through these servers.

Update to follow as soon as Ning respond to the Tickets raised. Thank you for being patience while these matters are being resolved.


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Site Maintenance and Upgrades Sat 5th March 2016 Site Maintenance and Upgrades for Sat 5th March 2016

Advanced Notification that all pages and sections are currently being upgraded and in places some permissions may not be available for one hour.

Our sincere apologies to site members and visitors if this affects your viewing but once the enhancements are carried out there will no more disruption over this weekend.


Site Admin

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Forexmosphere Welcome Forexstreet Site Members

Forexmosphere Welcome Forexstreet Site Members.

Important Notification and update to Forexmospherian site members.

FXstreet also known as have decided to shut down and close their Forex Forum site doors 31st May 2015.

This is an important Forex Traders announcement because there are some 70 plus ex Forexstreet site members and Forex Traders who left FXstreet site several years ago, through various reasons and circumstances, going on to either start or continue their Forex Trading journeys right here.

While at FXstreet, many traders enjoyed the Forexmospherian beginnings as ForeXmosgate was opened, our own…

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Helpful Hints

Occasionally there will be site announcements which could include anything from new features and pages to site maintenance. If you wish to leave a comment, any feedback then please post a message on one of the posts here or send a private internal email and site admin will attend to the query as soon as we can. - FXmosphere

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