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Dear Traders,

 I decided to share my morning view of the market. My main goal is to make one trade a day and thus I will always notify everyone about the pair I am following and trading.

The rules of my entries are simple, when I see the market goes up and it is in a slight correction, I'm trying to jump in at the most favorable price.

 Best Regards,


PS: Hopefully you will enjoy this.

PPS: In…

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The Foreign Exchange Market opinions expressed are neutral, unbiased and our own. However we would like to hear all about your Forex Trading ideas and see your charts and blog posts on the Forum too. FXmosphere shares some of the best real-time news. Forex videos, FX charts and data which are some of the most important and popular trading resources found anywhere on the internet. Join now to find some really interesting Foreign Exchange companies and awesome Forex people. Many of the most popular and followed FX retail Traders from and T2W community Traders are based here at
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How Can You Earn Real Cash From Forex Trading?

Once you open an account in a Forex Broker and start to trade (SELL or BUY), you are paying to broker as spread or commission for opening and closing each trade. This Spread or Commission is broker's incoming from your trades. For example, when you open a trade on EURUSD currency pairs and pay 2 pips as Spread, this 2 pips will be broker's income.

As you know most of leading brokers have partners who introduce traders to them. Once traders who are introduced By a partner, open an account and make trades, broker pays to its partner as commission from its incomings from the trades. In previous example 2 pips is broker's incoming, so broker pays a part of these 2 pips (like 1 pip) to its partner as commission.

We have already understood how brokers and their partner earn real cash from clients' trades in the forex industry. At this point we can explain what is Forex Rebates.

Partner pay some of thier earning commission to the client who make…

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Forex Trading Tips from Splithand

Uses IVks | Forex Food for Thought

1494505?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024So when looking through my pages at all of this forex trading jibber jabber, to me it's a works in progress for preparing and writing a useful traders blog which could be used as a trading tip. I'll try to get my thoughts down here and explain my trading journey with some forex pathway tips and a story of how I got here with the Forexmospherians. I know…

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Trading Tips from Genxtrader

The Difference

I have recently been helping a friend with his market outlook and approach, i have only helped a small few as we all know there are many factors in this game, and when one learns that simplicity is the route to succes it becomes much easier.images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRZctNUmfXcIpuAiWJUn2z_BnGt0QopfoZ06zm28odfQqMurZGTiw&width=400

When giving guidance in the form of answering good questions with really good answers i have come to realise, it still is difficult in the beginning stages for new people in the markets to grasp the difference between a security and the…

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Current Market and the key Forex word is Patience


Like everything in life, patience delivers some of the most important things and in the trading world it really helps with timing. Timing makes the greatest difference for entry and exit points, even if you know the right direction of the market, when you enter too early, waiting for right direction and growing a negative trade, the equity can influence your mind and force…

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