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Welcome to Forexmospherians
"Where Traders and Friends Gather"

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Welcome to Forexmospherians
"Where Traders and Friends Gather"

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Welcome to Forexmospherians
"Where Traders and Friends Gather"

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Live Real time Forex, Commodity, Indicies Charts, Economic Calendar, Real time News, Feeds, Television, Chat room Genxtrader's video explains how the Economic calendar and charts work.

Watch the GBPUSD Universal Currency Wars Video

Prepare to unlearn Everything you thought you knew about Trading and the find out how to Trade the Markets.
This is another unique Forex video which is regarded by Forexmospherians as one of the greatest Foreign Exchange trading videos of all time. The charts found in the video were posted live at
Forexmospherians posted live analysis, charts and calls on these trades, again posting in the forum.
Tabled Analysis: The Forexmospherian Currency Kraken, analysis for numerous currency pairs, can be seen in the video, so pause the video to review the data in the table as well as the secret chart patterns identified and then translated within the price line.

Why is the video so important?: The Forexmospherians knew how important this event was and felt strongly about sharing their analysis to help others.
Therefore, the video captures one of the most important Historical economical events for the British Pound, USA, Europe and the rest of the world.

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It is not every day that you can find a Forex forum and group of traders willing to share their knowledge out loud. Without a shadow of a doubt this has provided me with the right tools and environment to improve my trading to no end. Thanks Guys!



    "By trading here with the team I learned very quickly how to keep a record of the business or currency pair being traded. Log the reasons why the trade was taken and when was the Exit. Write down how and why the trade turned out the way it did. In essence improve and grow based upon the data you gather from your own performance. This is so valuable and it is the only Forum I know that takes this approach."

      Jim M

      Technical Forex Trader

      "Yes after some thought this is what can I say about trading with the Forexmospherians; The truth requires neither our belief nor understanding. However to harness truth and apply it for our benefit we must at a minimum allow ourselves to think that it is possible."
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        Dead Cat Bounce in Forex Markets (Thats it)
        Written by: Holmes

        Dead Cat Bounce
        A popular Forex trading term appropriate to many Financial instruments. This well known phrase is said to originate from Wall Street within the financial markets. The "dead cat bounce" means a brief and small recovery in the price action of a declining FX market. The basic idea is that even a dead cat will bounce if it falls from a great height. Also applied to Foreign Exchange Markets where the currency pair encounters a brief resurgence during or following a severe decline. A good Forex strategy to counter the Dead Cat Bounce is Multiple time frame anaylsis (MTFA).

        Multiple Time Frame Analysis will form a rounded view of the market opposed to having a tunnel vision outlook at a stock or currency pair. Forexmospherian Forex Trader Sir Gissachance charts display multiple instances of Dead Cat Bounce. The Multiple Time Frame Analysis strategy is also explained throughout this FX Forum. DCB are also known at Forexmosphere and described by Sir Gissachance as DC or Deep Continues.

        Dead Cat Bounce or DC's play an important part in FX Technical Analysis and can be called a Chart Pattern for Technical Analysis.

        Sir Gissachance description of a DC is far stronger than the term Dead Cat Bounce because Deep Continues are shown to exist in Bull or Bear Markets. This gives rise to opportunities in all FX Market conditions. Whereas DCB is a technical analysis term used exclusively for bear market price action conditions.

        Multiple Time Frame Analysis (MTFA) Forex Trading Strategy
        Shorted currency pair AUDUSD @0.7622 with S/L @B/E
        M1 AUDUSD LH and Support circa @0.7585                          M30 AUDUSD Support @0.7540

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